• ELIZA is a singer-songwriter creating fresh pop & electronic music that is inspired by the contemporary pop, soul and RnB music scene. London-based ELIZA says that making music, her main creative outlet brings her true contentment and happiness.


    ELIZA’s purpose of writing music and sharing it with the world is to convey her life experiences, thoughts and dreams in an authentic musical expression to hopefully inspire others. She believes that music unlike anything else has the power to reach across all boundaries, inspire deep feelings, evoke memories and spread smiles!






    thoughts, musings, and ruminations

    An opening line Somewhat too kind It is easier for you to speak than read my mind Like poetry, that softly sings to me Are the words you pick for me I got more than I asked I rose far beyond my past But I never though that I’ll be needing more Now I’d go mad for you lately Go sad if you make...
    1 février, 2016
    Are you struggling girl? I see you wandering around so alone Are you stumbling across the bridges the unknown? I know you truly hope there’s someone to rely on But the truth is that you hold the power in yourself I know you truly hope there’s someone to rely on But you hold the power in...

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